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It features a strong female friendship. One of the more ill-conceived plot lines of the first two seasons was the love triangle between Korra, Mako, and Asami. But just because Korra and Asami were into the same guy, that didn’t mean they resented one another. In fact, the two ended up bonding over their shared romantic history and by Season Three, they became a power pair. And their talents perfectly complement one another: Korra represents the traditional world of spiritualism and bending while Asami represents the technological future.

So it’s fun to watch them fight and solve problems together. But beyond that, it’s satisfying to watch these two very different women support one another, teach one another, and laugh together, forming a stronger bond than either had with their shared ex-boyfriend.


My love for the bae has increased tenfold


Korra: Wow, you’re a natural!


about time for some airbender gear upgrades.

Tenzin in a squirrel suit tho

(+Rohan’s hair is all kinds of awesome)


Hehehe my dash did a thing.


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